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The main difference between graphic design and fine art:

Graphic design is about problem solving for the client and communication between the clients business and end users. Businesses depend on graphic designers to communicate their message, service, or product to the users in order to increase their profits.

Fine art is about making personal pretty pictures.

Illustration is creating a drawing, for a specific purpose.



The Difference Between Visual Art and Graphic Design

The fine line that separates art and design is something that’s been debated for a very long time. While both artists and designers compose visuals and have a shared toolkit and knowledge base, there’s a distinct difference between the two. Pinpointing exactly what the difference is, that’s where things gets tricky.

Many designers would consider themselves to be artists, yet few artists would class themselves as designers. So how can the distinction be made? In this article we’ll take a quick look at the defining characteristics of the two crafts and consider the motivation and intention of art and design as a starting point.

In the Beginning…

I believe that one of the clearest differences between art and design is to be found in the first sparks of creativity. Broadly speaking, art and design come from very different starting points. Design work usually stems from the need or desire to communicate a pre-existing message. A strapline, a logo or a call to action. A work of art, on the other hand, is the expression of a completely new idea. It’s the process of breathing life into something private and personal to create an emotional bond between the artist and their audience.

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“Being a great designer is about more than just making things

look ‘nice’; it’s about concept and how that concept is turned

into something visual. All the pieces that won went beyond

just a cursory understanding of the assignment; their design

was built on an idea.”

Essential design events for 2013

We list the essential design events around the world this year, covering graphic design, the web, typography, 3D and more.

It’s full steam ahead for 2013! The design conference calendar is packed with great events, and we’ve selected the very best for you.

To kick off, of course, we’d like to point you towards our very own event,Generate, taking place in London on September 2013. The event, which we’re holding in conjunction with .net magazine  will feature talks from world-class speakers including grid guru Mark Boulton, designer-philosopher Oliver Reichenstein, mobile web thought leader Stephanie Rieger and author of Responsive Design Workflow Stephen Hay.

World of events

But there are plenty more design events besides that. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, web design tactics, animation techniques or typography tricks, there’s sure to be an conference or two that you won’t be able to resist. From Hong Kong to San Francisco and Nottingham to Italy, this is an around-the-world look at the best design events on offer…

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What you need to know about Graphic Design

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