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The smart way to design a website

There is web design and there is graphic design. These are two completely different disciplines! Avoid melding the two.

Consider the definitions of the word, design:

1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of,

2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully,

3. to intend for a definite purpose,

4. to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan.

If you’re thinking about or are in the process of getting a new website designed, you need to focus on…..

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30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Graphic Designers

We’ve compiled a collection of cheatsheet wallpapers for web designers before and one forphotographers of any calibre, and now we’re focusing on cheatsheets for graphic designers. Also featured are tools or applications people of this profession would normally use.

Expect infographics with quality content to help you deal with decision when it comes to picking the right tool of the job, dealing with colors, logo, paper, typography, space, and even designing for mobile apps among many other aspects. These cheatsheets will help you be more productivewhether you are a graphic designer freelancer working from home or in the office.

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Essential design events for 2013

We list the essential design events around the world this year, covering graphic design, the web, typography, 3D and more.

It’s full steam ahead for 2013! The design conference calendar is packed with great events, and we’ve selected the very best for you.

To kick off, of course, we’d like to point you towards our very own event,Generate, taking place in London on September 2013. The event, which we’re holding in conjunction with .net magazine  will feature talks from world-class speakers including grid guru Mark Boulton, designer-philosopher Oliver Reichenstein, mobile web thought leader Stephanie Rieger and author of Responsive Design Workflow Stephen Hay.

World of events

But there are plenty more design events besides that. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, web design tactics, animation techniques or typography tricks, there’s sure to be an conference or two that you won’t be able to resist. From Hong Kong to San Francisco and Nottingham to Italy, this is an around-the-world look at the best design events on offer…

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Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Do you love to use the latest tools and technology? Would you like to start a career based on your creativity and your talent for design? Consider enrolling in our Graphic Design program in Utah.

Eagle Gate College’s Associate of Science in Graphic Design Program gives you the education you need to begin your design career with confidence. With the average time to complete our Graphic Design program in Utah of only 20 months, you’ll quickly get out of the classroom and into an in-demand career. You will learn basic skills in computer design software along with the newer disciplines of interactive web design, experience design, and animation graphics.

The Utah Occupational Long-Term Projections forecast that Graphic Designers will be among the faster growing careers through 2020, with a projected total job growth of 23%, that’s 3,370 jobs, (Utah Department of Workforce Services Occupational Projections, 2012). Find out more about our Graphic Design program in Utah and apply for our Graphic and Web Design program today!

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Web and Graphic design trends for 2012

Design for multiple devices – Responsive designs

Smart phones and tablets are more and more popular. Slowly there will be more touch screen devices in use than desktops or laptops. This somehow triggers the need to optimize the websites for multiple devices. Mobile/ tablet websites or applications can take advantage of a full set of new interactivity.  In 2012, launch your mobile website to increase conversion rates from users on the go.

Minimalist designs with something extra

The new websites are moving away from cluttered designs, focusing on main messages and leading the user directly to some sort of conversion forms. Minimalist designs are still a strong trend, but I believe adding something extra could be a great challenge for this year. Custom, hand-made illustrations, full screen backgrounds would be the way to go.

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