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Graphic Designer jobs are on the rise

Employers in August posted more than 28,000 online job ads for graphic designers, an increase of 15 percent year over year and more than 80 percent over the past four years, according to Wanted Analytics. The number of job ads for graphic designers reached a new four-year high earlier this year, when job availability surged to more than 30,000 ads during April and May.

However, advertising, marketing, and other design services companies experienced an 8 percent decline in hiring from last year as many of these jobs move in-house.

Metropolitan areas with the highest volume of listings for graphic designers included New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. The New York area had the most available positions at 3,638. However, the San Francisco area posted the greatest growth in demand over the past year with the number job ads rising 17.8 percent in August compared to the same month last year. Read the rest of this entry


Brandignity — An SEO Internet Marketing Company Creates a Naples FL Presence

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has become a very vital part of the way online businesses market themselves.

NAPLES, FL, February 16, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has become a very vital part of the way online businesses market themselves. SEO is based on the frequency of the use of essential keywords in an online article in order to boost its probability of being found on a search engine. Many internet marketing companies specialize in SEO, including Brandignity. This company, founded in Boston, prides itself on its superb marketing skills and excellent customer relationships. Now, Brandignity is spreading their influence to the city of Naples, FL by expanding their operations.

The employees at Brandignity have wasted no time in claiming the city of Naples as their own. On their website, they claim themselves to be a “Naples FL SEO Internet Marketing” firm. On the site mosaicHUB, it states that “Brandignity is a Boston based SEO/SEM company with an office in Naples, FL”. Now that Brandignity is officially a Naples FL SEO company, they can find even greater success than they already have and surely will. Read the rest of this entry

Bill Shaffer’s artistic, graphic designer background enhances teaching career

Graphic Designer

Bill Shaffer “Artist of the Year”

Bill Shaffer won “Artist of the Year” of Omaha Benson High School newspaper more than 40 years ago. That title would prove itself time and time again in the coming years in places Shaffer didn’t expect. Places that led him back to Lincoln.

Shaffer is in his 10th year of teaching graphic design part-time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Part of the Visual Literacy Department in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CoJMC), Shaffer’s past as an artist and graphic designer fuel his unique eye for design and passion in the classroom.

Since he can remember, Shaffer thought visually. He loved creating art and posters for local businesses growing up, but computers meant very little in graphic design courses. Shaffer focused on his drawing and painting, eventually graduating from UNL with a bachelor’s degree in fine art.

One thousand six hundred miles away, the punk rock scene was blooming in Seattle. Shaffer moved there shortly after graduating with his then-girlfriend, who couldn’t pursue her forestry major in the prairies of Nebraska.

“The punk movement was all DIY – ‘do it yourself,” he said. “Basically whatever you wanted to do would work.

The Richest People in the World

“Bloomberg Billionaires” explores not only the richest people in the world, but where all their money comes from.


Everybody knows Bill Gates, but I wonder how many of us would recognize Carlos Slim walking down the street. He’s the richest man in the world, worth almost $80 billion. And apparently he doesn’t even own a Graphic Designer computer because he prefers to communicate via BlackBerry. Continue Reading….

What is More Important!

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