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The smart way to design a website

There is web design and there is graphic design. These are two completely different disciplines! Avoid melding the two.

Consider the definitions of the word, design:

1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of,

2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully,

3. to intend for a definite purpose,

4. to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan.

If you’re thinking about or are in the process of getting a new website designed, you need to focus on…..

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Just like English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic or Sanskrit, graphic design is a language. It’s a way to organize forms in order to communicate a message. And, as such, graphic design is (or should be)—more often than not—the medium or vehicle, and not the end in itself.

Recently a friend confessed to me that he was kinda tired of graphic design. It had gotten old for him. I get what he means. He was tired of graphic design about graphic design. It seems to me that graphic design as an industry has a tendency to be self-referencing more than most industries. If we think of design as a language and compare it to the English language, it would be like only using English to talk about the English language (or to put it another way, perpetual grammar class). While grammar class is necessary to learn a language, too much of it can get boring—fast.

This may seem obvious, but think of all the other things we can use English to communicate about. We can use it to communicate about… That’s right, anything. So it is with design. You can use it as a language to communicate whatever you want. Yes, the better you know the language, the more skilled you will be at using it to communicate. You have to think about it directly before you can let it be a passive vehicle for another message. Read the rest of this entry

12 documentaries every graphic designer should see

This collection of documentaries has been curated to be both a great foundation and fresh inspiration for any graphic designer or artist. The films cover all kinds of creation –  from street art, to industrial design, to typography, but all of them are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Here they are: Read the rest of this entry

Graphic Design Inspiration and How to Find It

graphic design inspirationWhether you’re a new graphic designer, or you have been at it for awhile, at some point it may seem like the inspiration wells have all but dried up. For the beginning designer, this is less of a problem. If you’re not as busy as you’d like to be, you have some time to gather some new ideas for your next project. However, if graphic design is your bread and butter, you need to become a wellspring of brilliance, and at times, on a moment’s notice.

Learn Real World Graphic Design with this online course!

Fortunately there are several places you can go for inspiration. In this post we will explore five of the most common places to look for design ideas.

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30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Graphic Designers

We’ve compiled a collection of cheatsheet wallpapers for web designers before and one forphotographers of any calibre, and now we’re focusing on cheatsheets for graphic designers. Also featured are tools or applications people of this profession would normally use.

Expect infographics with quality content to help you deal with decision when it comes to picking the right tool of the job, dealing with colors, logo, paper, typography, space, and even designing for mobile apps among many other aspects. These cheatsheets will help you be more productivewhether you are a graphic designer freelancer working from home or in the office.

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